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Installation of sustainable paving

We are on a mission to transform out-door spaces with our top-quality eco-friendly paving solutions. From parking-lots and driveways to patios, we are here to help!

Installation of sustainable pavement involves various steps, including excavation, carting away of excavated material, grading, and compacting, and base material placement, then the final paver layer placement.

Proper installation and usage of good quality materials is essential for the longevity and effectiveness of paving surfaces. Working in collaboration with reputable suppliers like Bosun Paving and Corobrik ensures our clients that every project is built to last. Our customer-focused approach means that your satisfaction is our priority.

We’re not just installing pavements; we’re building strong bonds with professionals in the built-environment industry. Together, let’s create stunning landscapes that leave a lasting impression at the same time minimizing detriment to the environment.

And homeowners? You are the foundation of our success! Get ready to elevate your outdoor spaces with Escalate Paving. Let’s pave the way to greatness.

Maintenance & refurbishing of old paving.

To ensure that the pavement remains durable, sustainable and eco-friendly, maintenance is crucial. To maintain and rehabilitate pavements in different conditions, it is important to follow proper timing for various procedures. These can range from simple routine maintenance to more extensive rehabilitation measures, depending on the condition of the pavement. The specific procedures chosen may differ based on performance levels and intended use. Each procedure used has a corresponding cost and impacts the improvement and lifespan of the pavement.

Reach out to us for professional assistance and we will develop a personalized plan for paving that fits both your requirements and budget. Our skilled team can revitalize worn-out paving, restoring it to its former glory. We work with all types of properties and will discuss with you in selecting the optimal paving option for your specific needs.


Our sustainable paving is not only good for you and your pocket but the environment as well. For property owners, remember, “first impressions last forever”.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of sustainable paving:

Maintenance process

Maintenance and refurbishment of pavement is crucial, and the maintenance part cannot be overlooked. As pedestrians and vehicles constantly traverse the pavement on your property, it can quickly become damaged from regular use, harsh weather conditions, and other factors. Neglecting to properly maintain the pavement can result in potential hazards, further deterioration, and an unsightly appearance for your property.

  • By investing in concrete pavement repair services from Escalate Paving, you can improve the safety and appearance of your property and save money in the long run.
  • Additionally, repairing damaged pavement can improve the curb appeal and value of your property, as it can enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor spaces.
  • Our expert team can evaluate the condition of your pavement and discuss with you, the best course of action to repair any damage in the process described below:

Site Review

To start, a thorough assessment is carried out for each project. We consider the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, as well as access points, drainage systems, designated areas for deliveries, and locations of other essential services. Additionally, we document anything out of the ordinary such as uneven surfaces, wear and tear, cracks of varying sizes and degrees, potholes, and repairs to be made. Our comprehensive evaluation includes detailed data and photographic evidence, which we provide to our clients.

Strategy Evaluation

In this stage, we assess the condition of each pavement section. Then, we prioritize defects and suggest repairs based on cost-effectiveness. For example, repairing a defect in a high-traffic area should take precedence over fixing one in a remote location, regardless of severity. By utilizing a thorough pavement inventory and exploring different maintenance options, we can predict future pavement conditions based on various rehabilitation approaches (such as preventative or structural maintenance) and their timing. These strategies can then be customized according to specific goals and available funding for each project to achieve the desired outcome at a reasonable cost.
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